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theatre 2 +

Since 2009, the theatre wrede + team has been creating new sensory theatre experiences for people from the age of two upwards. These are imaginative excursions into the realm of music and theatre, picture books with sound that create unique stories out of colours, shapes and sounds. The early introduction of children to theatre and art is of great concern to us. We have realised that in particular in the course of the increasing “medialisation”, which not only arrives earlier, but also in larger amounts, into our children’s world, theatre as a place of live performance becomes a central aesthetic and topical counterpoint. Early in the childhood (and adult) learning process it enables the emergence of a sensorial and broad-based perception, to a new perspective on the familiar and the everyday.

Previous productions: about snails and friendship

The theatre wrede + can now look back on a wealth of experience from four experimental productions in its theatre series 2+:

  1. “Die Hausschnecke”, 2010
  2. “Sching schang-hui”, 2012
  3. “Sommer, Wolke, Meer… Bär”, 2014
  4. “Morgen werde ich lautmalen!”, 2016