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theater wrede+ hosted in cooperation mit ASSITEJ e.V. International Directors‘ Seminar 2017 (12.06.-18.06.2017)

Performed sching-schang hui at the 23. International Theater Festival for Children in Hamedan, Iran (01. bis 06.12.2017)


The German-Canadian coproduction CATKILLER celebrates its Canada-premiere in March 2015 at the Presentation House Theatre in Vancouver.

Catkiller is nominated for two Jessie Richardson Awards:
Significant Artist Achievement for Outstanding Technical Integration
Critic’s Choice Award for  Innovation


In Fall 2014 the international coproduction Catkiller can be experienced a last time in Germany, before it is adapted to canada


Together with the Presentation House Theatre, Vancouver (Canada) theater wrede+ develop the international coproduction Catkiller.
The theatrical videowalk, a format developed by theater wrede+, is adapted for the production. In several phases the Catkiller is produced and in Germany already performed (Germany Fall 2013). Spring 2015 started the next phase of production for the adaptation of the performance in Canada.


Between May and July of 2011 the theater wrede + was invited for two projects to cananda:

project 1
The Theatrical videowalk Die Entdeckung des Verschwindens was sighted by the Canada Council for the Arts and was so well received, that they invited theater wrede+ to Canada.
At a meeting with theatres in Vancouver the possibility of an adaption of the format “theatrical videowalk” is explored for a german-canadian production.

project 2
With the invitation by Quest Theatre, Calgary and the support of Canada Council for the Arts theater wrede+ worked also on another project.
Together with the author Vern Thiessen a german-canadian production for children about death was developed.


Shakespeare’s Will by Vern Thiessen
A cooperation by ko.produkt with the Canada Council and theater wrede + accompanied by the Canadian author Vern Thiessen.

In Planung: Madame Mao by Anchee Min
In May theater wrede+ traveled for research to China and was awarded the rights to create a theatre version of the American novel.


Balloonseller and Catkiller
First Meetings to discuss the concept in Ottawa, Kanada

Shakespeare`s Will
Meeting with the canadian author Vern Thiessen
in Vada, Italy.


Schräger Vogel
First german-candian projekt in Oldenburg.
Premiere: September 2008


klang der zeit
Planning, organisation and implementation of the first european festival in Oldenburg starring guest groups from Serbia, the Netherlands, Belgia and Germany

Bird’s Brain
Canada, Edmonton, CitadelTheatre: Codirector and Music Winfried Wrede.
Premiere: March 2007. Director: Kim Selody.

Composed theatre
Presentation and a lecture of composed theatre for performing arts classes and theatre pedagogues in Canada / Edmonton / Alberta University / Department of the performing arts.

Tournee in Japan
In Hiroshima inter alia the play „Der blaue Stuhl“. Winfried Wrede as Musician and Narrator with Theaterwerkstatt Hannover. Director: Martina van Boxen; Music: Winfried Wrede; Producer: Theaterwerkstatt Hannover.


Festival Theatralia Madrid
with the play „Der blaue Stuhl“


Guest performance in Paris/Nanterre, Frankreich
with the play „Der blaue Stuhl“

International Children and Youth Theatrefestival in Zamora, Spain
by the Goethe Institute Zamora. Play: „Der blaue Stuhl“

Bird Brain
First work unit in Canada. Invitation of the theatre “Carousell Players”, Toronto;
artistic direction: Kim Selody. Adaptation of the play “Bird Brain” by Albert Wendt.
Introduction and presentation of the method “composed theatre” by Winfried Wrede.

Festival-Tournee in Asien
with the play „Der blaue Stuhl“: Korea (Seoul); 5th Miryiang Summer Performing Arts Festival, Miryiang; International Festival Okinawa for Young Audiences by Assitej, Okinawa, Japan.

Diploma by Goethe Institutes Subotica, Serbia, for innovative music in children- and youth theatre.

2003 /

International directors‘ seminar Nuremberg and Hanover by Assitej
„composed theatre“: Introduction in the method by Theater wrede


Story Telling
Iceland: Development and implementation of a curriculum for the education of narrators assigned by the European Union. Project: „Leonardo da Vinci, Renaissance of Story Telling“. Countries involved: Iceland, Greek, Scotland and germany.


Theaterarbeiten in Südamerika
Eight months stay in South America through invitation by Teatro Intinerante del Sol in Bogota with support by Goethe Institute Bogata.

El siempre abrazo
Internationale Produktion für das Internationale Festival Bogotà, Kolumbien. Regie: Beatriz Camargo. Tournee mit dem Stück durch Kolumbien.

Studys of theatre pedagogical concepts for children and youth in the slums of Kali and Medellin.

„Bio- Drama“ at Beatriz Camargo, Bogotà.

Research for the childrens‘ play „Itagiba“ about  habits, dreams and myths of Campesino children in Ecuador and Columbia.
Production of the play „Itagiba“ or  „Im Land der Kolibris“ (in germany). Direction: Uli Jäckle; book and music: Winfried Wrede.


International Festival Tunisia
With the play „Der Tanz der Stille“. a theatre performance about life – death, chaos – order. Direction: Abdelaziz Boughanmi; awarded for direction.