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Initiated by theater wrede+, flausen+ launched the first research fellowship of its kind in Germany in 2011. The topic of stage research has rightly gained in importance everywhere since then. 33 groups of fellows, with 146 artists (last revised: 2018), have completed a research residence to date. Each year, we receive an average of 140 applications with more than 600 artists for which for six research residences in three of the german federal states. flausen+ also connected small and middle theatrical houses to form the flausen+ federal network with currently 22 theatrical houses from thirteen federal states.

The artists-in-residence project is setting standards: by granting research fellowships, artists and groups can concentrate on their work, free from economic pressures. With the explicit promotion of daring approaches and highly topical socio-political subjects matters, the model remains the only such programme of its kind. There are other models in the works as well, such as e.g. a production model or a touring model to enable performances – of the resulting productions – to travel throughout Germany and create discursive formats that would encourage exchange beyond urban centres. By alternating yearly the flausen+ congress and the flausen+ festival platforms for discourse, selfreflexivity and further development are provided. First Steps for an international exchange are also on the way.

The aim is to provide continuous support of talent in the performing arts, all the while observing the principle of ‘art but fair’. This will enable long-term artistic development concomitant with the relevant performance practices that will make the artists more competitive both nationally and internationally. And all this, apart from our intention to gain the support of the citizenry beyond urban centres, who can then become part of a democratic discourse being played out in small- and medium-sized theatrical houses all over Germany.

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