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Behind the model project “flausen+” is a nationwide network of small and medium-sized theatres. Founded in 2011 at the theater wrede + in Oldenburg, the network currently has 25 members. 8 theatre houses are currently giving residencies for research grants. The programme “flausen+” is intended to close existing gaps in the area of support and qualification of theatre professionals in the independent performing arts.

As innovative and independent theatres, we have made the experience that our own productions often come up against the conflict between research work (e.g. composed theatre) and economic necessities – often at the expense of research into new approaches. For this reason, but also because of our own difficulties as artists who have been searching for something new, we feel a special obligation to other artists and their experiments.

We understand the project “flausen+” as an answer to the current creative situation of free performing artists. We would like to give talented artists who are willing to experiment a laboratory opportunity to explore and test their style over a certain period of time, free of performance and result constraints. For us “flausen+” is also an experiment, which in the future shall be networked not only nationally, but also internationally.


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