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Tenders & Application
From the middle of December till the beginning of March professional artists and artist-groups have the opportunity to apply for one of the flausen+ scholarships in the following year.  During this period you will find the application form here on the website. After filling it out you can send it via email to info[at]


Meeting of the pre-jury
Around the middle of April the pre-jury meets and has a look at all the applications (on average 140 per year). After that they decide which are the 18 groups that will be invited to Oldenburg (Lower Saxony) to take part in the “Final Choice“.


Final Choice
At the end of May the application process goes into the last round. At the “Final Choice“, which takes place in Oldenburg, the invited groups present their ideas in front of a professional jury and a selected audience. Each group has 5 minutes. The following day the jury makes the decision about the scholarships. Then six or seven groups get the research scholarship for the following year.


The chosen groups of the previous year begin their residencies in one of the cooperating theatres. Amongst them theater wrede + (Oldenburg) Freies Werkstatt Theater (Cologne), German Stage Service (Marburg), Theater im Ballsaal (Bonn), Theaterlabor (Bielefeld), Theaterwerkstatt Pilkentafel (Flensburg). And also from 2021 on: Sensemble Theater (Augsburg), Societaetstheater (Dresden). In the four weeks of residence the participants get: maintenance; benefit from the free use of a stage, technical equipment and a flat; as well as from the supervision of experienced mentors and a research budget for the gathering of expertise, training sessions and research material at a current rate of 500€ per group.


Making OFF
During the time of residence: risks are strictly desired: because only those who have room to fail can take a real risk. For that reason flausen+ gives you room for open research.
The time of residence allows for free research and is not aimed at a goal like a production usually is. Failure is allowed. That is why at the end of the residence there is no real premiere of a finished production. Instead the artists have an open audience during their last evening of research. At the Making OFF they give insights into their research process and present sections of their work that can be discussed.


And afterwards?
flausen+ offers space and time daring you to pursue new ideas, to question one’s own way and the group’s way of working and to make contacts in the independent scene. Therefore flausen+ does not end with the time of residence. Sometimes the proven ideas grow into autonomous productions, then flausen+ gives the opportunity to co-produce for former stipendiaries. There is a regular possibility for a reunion – the flausen+festival and flausen+bundeskongress, which take place in yearly change .



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