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theater wrede + (Oldenburg)

theater wrede + Klävemannstr. 16
26122 Oldenburg (Oldb.)
info [at]
Tel.: 0441.9572022
Fax: 0441.9572023
about theater wrede+

theater wrede + is a free theater founded in 1985 and which runs its own stage in Oldenburg since 2000. We see our focus in studying and testing new, progressive forms of theater beyond the mainstream. The program includes theater for children, teens and adults. As of October 2009 the theater and the stages in the area of the train station bear the name theater wrede +. Initiated by theater wrede+, flausen+ launched the first research fellowship of its kind in Germany in 2011.

German Stage Service (Marburg)

Das OFF-Theater in Marburg

Afföllerwiesen 3a
35039 Marburg
kontakt [at]
Tel.: 06421.62582
Fax: 06421.6200818


Freies Werkstatt Theater (Köln)

FWT Köln Zugweg 10
50677 Köln
(Nähe Chlodwigplatz)
info [at]
Tel.: 0221.327817
Fax: 0221.331668


theaterimballsaal (Bonn)

Frongasse 9
53121 Bonn
info [at]
Tel.: 0228.797901
Fax: 0228.797902
Ansprechpartnerin: Svenja Pauka


Theaterlabor im Tor 6 (Bielefeld)

Theaterlabor Bielefeld Hermann-Kleinewächter-Str. 4
33602 Bielefeld
info [at]
Tel.: 0521.287856
Ansprechpartner: Ralph Würfel


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