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Uncertain times need brave theater! If exclusion is accepted in the political circus theatre needs to take on responsibility as a space of democratic discourse. To contribute to an open society freedom and diversity have to transformed to a sensous experience, unconventional forms of theatre need to be found and different people have to be brought into conversation. Impulses can establish new collaborations:

For that cause theatre wrede+, Theaterhaus Hildesheim and Staatstheater Oldenburg formed a performative arts alliance to discuss the future of the independent scene, institutional theatre houses and civil society with young artists in a PERFORMING ARTS ACADEMY. Starting point of the academy is the since 2017 established BANDEN! Festival of Staatstheater Oldenburg, which will once again take place in 2020. New productions, guest performances, workshops and discurse panels will be exploring new forms of collaboration between theater wrede+ as part of the independent arts and Staatstheater Oldenburg.

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