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flausen+ festival is a biannual public meeting of expert audience and all participants of flausen+. At the festival research results and new productions of the scholars are shown and a platform for exchange is provided.

flausen+festival starts it’s next round! Finally the date is set and the anticipation is through the roof for a new festival containing several makingOFFs, productions and artistic discourse.


flausen+ festival #2:
4. – 7. Oktober 2018
at TOR6 Theaterhaus /
Theaterlabor Bielefeld

Once more flausen+ festival gives the opportunity to see Making OFFs and productions of the flausen+ scholars. In addition the festival provides a platform for artistic and political dialogue. An emphasis will be the current challenges of small and medium-sized theatrical houses. We hope to give insight behind the curtain  of the status quo and the future of the independent scene.

More infos on flausen+ the festival #2


flausen+ festival #1:
15.- 18. September 2016
at TOR6 Theaterhaus /
Theaterlabor Bielefeld

The first time flausen+ the festival took place from 15th to 18th september 2016 at TOR 6 Theaterhaus Bielefeld. The festival gave all the participants of “flausen+ young artists in residence” a platform for a public meeting. For the first time scholars, mentors, houses of residency, cooperation partners als sponsors gathered in one place and had the chance to expirience and discuss  artistic research:  in four days scholars showed Making OFFs and productions following the flausen+ research and artists organised panels about research and theatre with the possibility to discuss. Furthermore the festival set up a framework for a dialog on the future of the independent scene.

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