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The flausen+ National congress discusses the visions and realities of a research network of the performing arts. The aim of the joint discussion is to make apparent the untapped potential of the small and medium-sized theatres of the independent scene and to tap into the strengthening of a research-based theatre practice. Various discussion and workshop formats bring together actors from the performing arts as well as institutions and actors from science, politics and industry. In addition to research, topics also include working realities in the performing arts as well as international exchange and networking of small and medium-sized theatres.

The first flausen+ National networking congress took place in 2017 at the Freie Werkstatt Theater Cologne



It’s quite a few days until the next flausen+congress, but you can now mark the date in your calender! Again artists, politicians and academics get together to discuss the future of the independent scenic arts.


past congresses

Here we go again! At Freies Werkstatt Theater cologne the discurse starts about generational change, old age poverty and the worth of artistic work. And the future development of flausen+ as a researching network of the scenic arts and it’s possibilities as a international network will be explored.

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flausen+ bundesnetzwerkkongress #1:
the future is now
14.-16. february 2017
at Freies Werkstatt Theater cologne

The first flausen+ National Network Conference set a milestone on the path towards a research network for the stage arts. For three days, from 14 to 16 February 2017, theatre artists, theatre directors, researchers and decision-makers in the field of cultural policy and funding institutions came to the Freie Werkstatt Theater in Cologne to discuss the prospects for artistic research. What is meant by ‘research’, both conceptually and practically? What criteria should it follow? What general conditions does research in the stage arts require? What do funding programmes need to accomplish? What is the significance of research in the arts in an international context? These were the questions that guided debate at the conference, with more than 100 participants in attendance from all over Germany, and from Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Canada.

Die Dokumentation zum Kongress ist auf der Kongress-Website:

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