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Residencies 2021

The application period for residencies in 2021 is from 15 December 2019 to 01 March 2020. Seven research residencies will be advertised for 2021 in Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Schleswig-Holstein and Hesse. The theatres of residence are: theater wrede +, Oldenburg (Lower Saxony), Theaterlabor Bielefeld, Theater im Ballsaal Bonn, Freies Werkstatt Theater Cologne (NRW), Theaterwerkstatt Pilkentafel (SH) and the German Stage Service Marburg (He). After reviewing the applications, the jury will announce 18 invitations to the “Final Choice” in Oldenburg. At the “Final Choice”, each finalist group presents their research idea in short on stage and answers questions from the expert jury about their research approach.

The application for a flausen+ scholarship starts by completing the application form, which must be sent to info[at] by the end of the application deadline. After the pre-jury meeting (usually in April), 18 groups will receive an invitation to the Final Choice at theatre wrede +, Oldenburg. In this second round, the finalist groups will have five minutes to introduce themselves and their idea to the expert jury. The day after the Final Choice event, the jury will meet and award the scholarships that will take place the following year in one of the houses of residence.


Application Tips

To describe the research project as concretely as possible and give examples
Often, there are gaps in the application that are concerned with the “how” of the research project. Sometimes so called “generalities”, contain many interesting ideas, but unfortunately none of them are specifically named, further elaborated or integrated into context with respect to aesthetic research. Themes are often not specifically aimed and their main focus is not clear. Therefore, examples of how and where on the stage they could be applied in a theatrical context and how the research during the residence could be  applied – even if the examples given are later rejected in the project- this way the project becomes much more tangible for the jury.


Consider the content and the aesthetic research point in the flausen+ scholarship:
those who research only in terms of theoretical content do not need a stage. It is therefore important to describe in the application which aesthetic starting points the content-related research question offers. The aesthetic aspect very often remains without explanation or is suggested only by the selection of a theory. Examples help to make the planned procedure comprehensible.


Make the urgency clear
Often the urgency of the project, and above all the urgency with which the scholarship is needed due to the artistic situation of the group, are not apparent from the applications. Thus, there are no artistic, but merely socio-political reasons for a scholarship (“we would like to work together” / “we live in different cities” / “we need the money”, etc.). What is particularly interesting for the jury, however, is something about the artistic urgency of the residence: what is your performance and sponsorship situation? (Do you have sponsors and audiences that you cannot go beyond, but urgently want to?) Are you artistically at a point where you want to rethink your existing and intrusive approach? Do you want to artistically enter a terrain on which you have no experience and why is that important to you?


The application should not read like a piece development / production intention
Flausen+ is a model project for the awarding of free research scholarships that promotes daring and unusual ideas. A risk involves the possibility of failure. Flausen+ grants the possibility to fail. If the applications show that an end product / scenic goal has already been determined, the preliminary jury assumes that it is a development of a piece and not a focus on the research subject. The jury then sees no need for the shelter of a four-week free research residence.


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