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#35 We’R’Dansöz

Stipendiat*innengruppe #35
14.07-10.08.18, theater im ballsaal, Bonn

Tümay Kilincel, Baly Nguyen, Berna Kurt, Hiba Shammout

We’R’Dansöz” is a research project dealing with the ‘belly dance’ which has always been a subject of orientalist approaches. But since that ‘female dance’ genre has a very different tradition in itself, it can also be a medium of self-empowerment for women. Some basic departure points of this research can be considered as the creation of an individual movement language based on belly dance technique, deconstruction of orientalist – erotic and exotic- female body images, sound improvisations based on silencing or cry -victimization or activism. Dealing with the power relations in artistic and social spheres, this collective women’s project can be medium of breaking some stereotypes and presenting a process outside the “normal” choreographic production framework.


  • Nora Amin - Nora Amin is an Egyptian performer, choreographer, theatre director and writer. She was a founding member of the Cairo Opera House Modern Dance Company (1993), leading actress at the Hanager Arts Centre/Cairo Opera House (1994-2003), and is currently the artistic… Weiterlesen


  • #35 We’R’Dansöz Logbuch Woche 4 - 06.08.2018, Monday: (@Bad Godesberg-Fringe Ensemble) 14.00-16.00/30: Physical Practice 14.25-14.40: Individual warm up 14.40-15.00: Oriental dance practice 15.20-16.20: Body percussion 16.20-16.35: Listening to our recordings 16.30-17.30: Break 17.30...: Group work: 1) Music 2) Diary, weekly report for theater, newsletter for making… Weiterlesen
  • #35 We’R’Dansöz Logbuch Woche 3 - 30.07.2018, Monday 12.30-12.45: Individual warm-up with music 12.45- 13.15: Dancing/physical practice 13.15-13.30: Talking about how to proceed 13.30-13.45: Listening to music and moving with Hiba 13.45-15.00: Break 15.00-16.00: Try out/improvisation with different costumes, accessories and music 16.30-17.30: Third improvisation with… Weiterlesen
  • #35 We’R’Dansöz Logbuch Woche 2 - 23.07.2018, Monday : Working individually (on videos, presentations, music archive, research diary etc.) Cooking, listening to music, watching videos... 24.07.2018, Tuesday : Working individually Sharing and watching of some footages Visit to the Egyptian Museum 14/15h-16.45 Drinks at Alter Zoll… Weiterlesen
  • #35 We’R’Dansöz Logbuch Woche 1 - 14.07.2018, Saturday: -First dinner altogether, talking about the project and some first issues and questions: 16.07.2018, Monday: -Working all together (Baly, Berna, Hiba, Tümay) Talking generally about expectations about the process, personal experiences, ideas… Planning some the week, talking about… Weiterlesen
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