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Residenz #15

Peter Stamer

  works as director, performer, mentor, and curator in the field of contemporary theatre and performance. During his theatre studies in the 90ies he worked as dance dramaturge at Nationaltheater Mannheim, in 2001 he was appointed curator for theory at Tanzquartier Vienna. Based in Berlin since 2008, Peter has created the research environment PRACTICE in …>>

Logbuch #15 – Woche 3 und 4

Monday, 4.05.2015/ Tuesday, 5.05.2015 / Wednesday, 6.05.2015 Thursday, 7.05.2015 Why are the animals coming from the future? (4 Points) 1. The animals are coming from the future because this implies a process of forgetting what kind of knowledge we have about animals. 2. The animals are coming from the future because the animal of the …>>

Logbuch #15 – Woche 2

Monday, 27.04.2015 To make those who see also be looked at. – gestures of territory-demarcation Wednesday, 29.04.2015   It is supposed to be a place where you have fun and where you are excited, recreate yourself and enjoy a good time. Stereotype is reproduced it is only done in the most boring and shallow way. …>>

Logbuch #15 – Woche 1 – Donnerstag bis Samstag

Thursday, 23.04.2015 We construct a route. How can we relate to (semi-)public spaces like the main station? Re-framing of urban ready mades like architecture, social practices or persons, estranging/ alienating them and engaging with them. At the same time we began to ask us how a visible space and social practice is connected to many …>>

Logbuch #15 – Woche 1 – Montag bis Mittwoch

Monday, 20.04.2015 Oldenburg is the city not of today or tomorrow but of „Übermorgen “. Tuesday, 21.04.2015 trying out for the first time a „ethnological-zoological“ view on architecture, social practices and human behaviour. Silent meeting points in the middle of their cities – they call them bus-stops. Wednesday, 22.04.2015 Tried out the mobile equipment we …>>

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