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Residenz #02

Ilka Rümke

  ist Teilhaberin des künstlerischen Produktionsbüros “ehrliche arbeit“. Sie arbeitet als Regisseurin/Choreographin, Produktionsleiterin und Tanzpädagogin. Studium der Kulturarbeit an der Fachhochschule Potsdam. Sie war u.a. Workshop-Koordinatorin beim internationalen Festival “Tanz im August” (2004), Produktionsassistentin bei der “TanzNacht Berlin” (2004), sowie Assistentin bei der Anna Huber Compagnie. Als Regieassistentin begleitete sie diverse Tanzstücke und arbeitete für …>>

Logbuch #2 – Woche 4

WEEK 4: THE CUBE: questioning performing and making This week begun with a similar format to the previous week: we initially planned to follow a half-day structure led by each member of the group on the ideas emerged while brain-storming on the subject of the Body of a Diplomat. We soon realised though that we …>>

Logbuch #2 – Woche 3

WEEK 3: MAPS: Materialising the speechless Diplomat After discussing the ways in which the methodology of a collective could function in relation to the topic of the Body of a Diplomat, we decided to look for new strategies in order to translate ideas into practice. This involved contextualising and de-contextualising the activities and relationships of …>>

Logbuch #2 – Woche 2

WEEK 2: DEVELOPING SPATIAL PRACTICES: MAPPING AND NEGOTIATING The week started with the arrival of Anna Hasche (interior architect, PL/DE) and Joe Wild (movement practitioner, GB). On their arrival we shared our individual experiences of the previous week through a mapping exercise. Each collaborator presented an interpretation of the previous week using different formats to …>>

Logbuch #2 – Woche 1

WEEK 1: WORKING TOGETHER: INTERDISCIPLINARITY & IGNORANCE As if diplomats visiting from our different countries, Andrew Graham (performer, FR/GB), Efrosini Protopapa (choreographer and writer, GR/GB) and Susanna Recchia (dance artist and teacher, IT/GB), were picked up at Bremen airport by Kathrin Felzmann (applied theatre practitioner, DE), who had arrived a day before; the group then …>>

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